Basketball court in the Mount Everest ride at Disney World?

I’ve heard rumors that there’s a basket ball court at the top of the Mount Everest ride in Disney world! Pretty cool huh? After I heard this I was determined to find out if it was true or not. So of course I went googling around on the web. It was kinda difficult to find pictures when the ride is named after a famous mountain. So that was a fail… Unless you like pictures of Eskimos on a mountain. Yeah not my thing either. So anyways as I was saying I did come across a video from YouTube! Who would’ve thought. It’s interesting to watch and has visual of the actual court! Well half court, the video explains everything to why and where it’s located. Who wants to join me for some basketball later?;)

Here’s the video link! Enjoy:)


Daily Prompt: Origin Story

I started my blog because I feel as if its a way to share my opinion. Although I’ve just started I’m excited to learn more about the blogging world and so on!